Saturday, February 20, 2010

Generous Conclusion

"Real philanthropist is someone who can donate what more he needs to others, not just donate what it is more needed to someone else"


If we look at our society today we should feel concerned. As a result of a prolonged economic crisis that hit our lives, followed by the global financial crisis, the number of people living below the poverty line is growing. They live in the shadow of hunger heartbreaking, especially prices of staple goods tends to rise, plus the threat of various diseases, such as bird flu, dengue fever and so on. The situation is further exacerbated by the earthquake disaster, floods, landslides, windstorm and the like in various areas.

Seeing this situation, our hearts should be compelled to reduce and alleviate their suffering by means of setting aside a Part of sustenance we receive to assist and help them, not the other way indifferent, no matter and being stingy with them.

Stingy is a mental attitude that we must avoid. Miserly attitude but will bring harm to others, also will plunge ourselves into the valley of humiliation. Hence, the Messenger of Allah Muhammad taught, so that we always pray, beg the presence of Almighty God, protected by a miserly attitude and other mental attitudes that harm. The prayer was, that the Prophet encouraged to read at every opportunity is as follows: Yes God, I seek refuge in You from hammi mental attitude or in doubt, or sorrow khuzni, ëajzi or weak, kasli or lazy, or stingy bukhli, jubni or fearful, heavily indebted and intimidation of people lainî.

Niggardly or miserly is a state of one's soul which he has held the attitude or behavior or not willing to give something, that should be given. Someone who was blessed by Allah SWT favor of the abundant wealth for example, should his soul was moved to issue charity, infak Sadaqah, etc., in order to purify himself and his property as well as ease the burden on people who are not capable and give benefits to the community. But in practice, a person who has been blessed with abundant wealth that just is not willing to spend zakat and infaknya. His soul is not moved, even to feel heavy and unfortunately pulled out some money to be given freely to others. The situation was similar spirit, the surface appears in the form of attitude or behavior that should hold property given to those who are entitled to receive it, this is called a mental attitude that stingy or miserly. Also called a miser, someone who has excess assets, but he was not at all willing to reach out, provide assistance and relief to others who menghajatkan help.

Included also, in the sense of stingy or miserly are a gifted science in various disciplines, but he refused and was not willing to teach and spread it to others in need. His soul is not in the least feel called to eradicate ignorance and backwardness that plagued surrounding communities. Likewise, included in the category of mental attitude stingy or miserly, is someone who has particular expertise and skills, but he was not willing to provide assistance and relief to the people who really need help, just because people are not able to provide sufficient remuneration for services she had given it.

Also, included in the definition stingy or miserly, is someone who is blessed with guidance or instructions, and someone who understands the truth, but he was not willing to explain the truth to others, even accidentally menggelapkannya, when a community is menghajatkan information and enlightenment. Jews tempo first, not willing and reluctant to give information to his people about the coming of the Prophet and last Messenger of Allah, the Prophet PBUH Muihammad. Even the description of their purposely darken God in their holy books about the coming of the Prophet and the Apostle cover it. Thus, many of his people who did not have time to get information about the guidance of Islam, it can be categorized as a mental attitude too stingy or miserly.

Mental attitude stingy or miserly, against property, for example, can grow and develop in a person, is caused by various factors. Among others is the result of encouragement and desire to have control of excessive wealth. Stingy person who does not realize, that with his attitude, he will get a lot of difficulties and losses, both in this world and the Hereafter. A stingy person, no matter how high rank and position and no matter how rich their wealth, people will stay away. In everyday life, he would cut off. If at one time he was having trouble, then no one is willing and willing to help. Even if there are willing to help, is solely for the purpose of licking or search for specific benefits, not based on sincerity and sympathy. Being in the afterlife, clear dikikirkannya treasures that will become a burden and adds more weight penalty and the punishment of God. Naíuzubillah.

People who have the character's miserly scrooge aka very selfish with the life around him. So people who have this nature tend to be and often isolated by the surrounding community. Even God Himself through His Messenger who had threatened them stingy will always be kept away from his side, from the human and the paradise of God. And this character who was once a frightening specter that made them the other people had been destroyed from the face of this earth. Because in the past this property has become their ringleaders to kill one another, justify all that is forbidden by God. Even if to keep what they have had to go with the lie, persecute others or even break up all the relatives that they would have done.

Stingy Conclusion:

Miserly attitude as one of the worst traits of man, should be scraped off with a growing awareness that the property is the trust of Allah Almighty to spend some of the property to the people who earned it.